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Initial project proposal

The track team currently has two shipping containers for storing equipment located just past the home bleachers near the track. However, there is no ventilation in these containers. This causes problems, especially in the summer, because the containers get extremely hot and humid. This causes the mats we store in them to get very damp and sometimes moldy, as well as causing the steel equipment to rust.

I would like to propose a project which would include installing vents and fans in both shipping containers, as well as shelves in one of them so we can organize our pole vault poles better.

The project would require the following:

  • Cutting out portions of the containers' walls doors and ceilings

  • Installing vents in the side walls for air intake

  • Installing vents in the doors for air intake

  • Installing solar-powered fans in the ceilings to exhaust/circulate air

  • Building and mounting collapsible shelves to the inner wall of the container housing pole vault equipment

I've also drawn sketches of the installations:Eagle Project sketches.jpgNote: the above sketch is outdated since the plan has changed to installing door vents instead of wall vents.

This undertaking would constitute my service project for achieving my Eagle Scout rank. Therefore I would be leading Scouts, friends, and teammates in performing all of the work required for the project. Funding could be sourced from the Athletic Boosters organization, independent fundraising, or a combination of the two.