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The Server

The server for is a VPS hosted by Vultr. It costs $5/month. It's a pretty low-spec VPS, but that's what keeps it cheap.


Property Value
OS GNU/Linux
Distribution Debian 11 (bullseye)
Vultr VPS type Regular Cloud Compute
Price (monthly) US$5.00
CPU cores 1
Architecture x86_64
Storage 25 GB
IP Address allocation static (via DHCP)
IPv4 Address
IPv6 Address 2001:19f0:5:46cc:5400:2ff:fed9:9eba
Bandwidth (monthly) 1 TB


The server runs:


Currently, the logging and especially log monitoring capabilities on the server are lackluster. Logging settings have not been changed for most processes. Some log to syslog/systemd-journal while others write logs in /var/log/.

Network Traffic Accounting

Network traffic accounting is handled relatively well. The server uses vnStat 2.6 to aggregate network traffic for each interface.

A very simple web frontend (that I wrote) is available for vnStat.

Remote Access (SSH)

Remote access into the server is done using SSH. The server runs OpenSSH 8.4.

Password authentication is disabled. Public-key authentication is required to log in. Logging in as root is disabled, as well as for several mail-only accounts.

One possible security enhancement would be to enforce two-factor authentication when logging in via SSH. However, this is risky because losing the second factor means locking yourself out of the server.

Vultr Web Console

It's also possible to log in using a username/password from the Vultr website, which provides a web interface to the TTY.