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Web App Overview features a collection of web apps. Most of the web apps don't actually run on the server. Instead, they are hosted in Docker containers on my laptop and are made accessible using Cloudflare's Zero Trust platform.

Currently we host the following apps:

  • Heimdall - App launcher
  • Guacamole - Remote access gateway
  • Bitwarden - Password manager
  • Portainer - Docker container manager
  • Vikunja - Task/to-do list manager
  • Jellyfin - Media streaming hub
  • Paperless-NGX - Document archival & management system
  • Authelia - SSO platform
  • SWAG Dashboard - Metrics and information about the SWAG container
  • Send - A temporary file sharing portal
  • CGit - A web interface for hosted git repositories
  • Nextcloud - A cloud productivity platform (like Google Workspace)
  • RoundCube - A webmail client for email accounts

Each service* is reverse-proxied through the Secure Web Application Gateway (a.k.a. SWAG) container. The SWAG container connects to the Cloudflare Zero Trust platform using a Cloudflare Tunnel. Then Cloudflare Zero-Trust Applications are used to control access to the services.

*With the exception of CGit, Nextcloud and RoundCube, because these run directly on the server.