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Authentik - Identity & SSO Provider Web Apps

Authentik is “an open-source Identity Provider focused on flexibility and versatility.” It acts as a user database and an authentication/authorization provider for Cloudflare Access and other web apps. Deployment Authentik requires (at least) 4 Docker containe...

BookStack - Personal wiki Web Apps

Bookstack is a "simple, self-hosted, easy-to-use platform for organising and storing information." In other words, it's a personal wiki. The documentation for (what you're reading now) is hosted using BookStack. Deployment BookStack requires two cont...

Email Services

The most important service on is the mail server. It is actually made up of multiple services that handle different aspects of the email process. These parts are listed in the following table. Each service name links to its respective page. Servic...

Postfix Email Server

Postfix is the mail transfer agent (MTA) for It handles receiving emails, sending emails, access control, aliases, and more. The only things Postfix does not handle are the storing of received emails and providing users access to stored emails. Both...

Dovecot Email Server

Dovecot handles storage of mail as well as providing IMAP access to emails on the mail server. Installation Dovecot is broken into several Debian packages. We need dovecot-imapd and dovecot-sieve, which both require dovecot-core: # apt install doveco...

DKIM Milter Email Server

In order for high-profile email servers like Gmail and Outlook to receive emails we send, we need to sign our outgoing emails using DKIM. We use dkimpy-milter to do this. dkimpy-milter is a milter, or mail filter. Postfix will pass incoming and outgoing emails...